Sana ig Industrial Group is constantly trying to provide a wide range of services in order to meet the needs of customers. This company, with years of successful and effective activity and having the knowledge and technology of the world, is always at the side of the customers and is ready to provide any technical and engineering services in various fields of facilities and construction; Including: calculations related to the thickness of thermal insulation, choosing the type of sound insulation, design and calculations related to galvanized ventilation channels, hose channels and...



Insulation :

The specialists of this collection, taking into account the project's use, climatic conditions and the features of the facility system, provide customers with comprehensive information on choosing the type of insulation, optimal thickness and types of coatings to prevent possible damage. Thermal insulation calculations are done with one of the latest and most useful software in this field, ISOCALC software, which was developed by the Italian company K-FLEX and has millions of users worldwide.

Ventilation channels:

Square galvanized channels and hose channels with wide application in ventilation systems require precise and perfect design and construction. The industrial group of Sana ig serves customers in the fields of consulting, design, construction and installation of these channels. In addition to this, services such as meter, project simulation in REVIT software and cutting sheet can also be provided, which is done in line with the optimal consumption of galvanized sheet and minimizing sheet wastage.

Sound insulation:

The importance of sound comfort in the modern noisy age is not hidden from anyone. In this area, the Sana Insulation Group is ready to serve customers by visiting projects and checking the behavior of the structure, for advice on choosing types of acoustic products and installation and installation conditions.



In order to promote the knowledge and culture of energy saving, Sana ig Industrial Group organizes several seminars and webinars in cooperation with other organizations active in this field. For more information about the time of these courses, refer to the Instagram page of this collection at

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