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Sound insulation K - FLEX K - FONIK

With the industrialization of societies and the growth of the population and indiscriminate construction and the reduction of personal privacy due to it, the human need for peace is felt more than before. One of the most important needs in this regard is the need for sound comfort in people's living and working places. . Research has shown that providing sound comfort, in addition to relaxation for better communication in personal life, increases concentration and consequently the productivity of children and employees in schools or offices. In recent years, the identification of noise pollution and how to eliminate it with suitable materials has become very popular. Therefore, the use of specialized products with the approach of solving acoustic problems has received great attention, which can greatly help to increase acoustic comfort in buildings. For this purpose, Sana ig Industrial Group has tried to respond to the needs of its customers by producing and offering specialized products in this field.

Installation requirements

Installation of K-FLEX insulation is done quickly and easily with special insulation glue and various sealing tapes.

Installation requirements