Introducing the brand


Hose channels are widely used in the construction industry, air conditioning industry, wood industry and other related industries, and they are widely used in air and particle transmission systems, corrosive pollutants, toxic and non-toxic gases, vapors and smoke with high temperature, in environments It is used in residential and commercial, factories, mines, laboratories, clean rooms, etc.

In situations where the use of galvanized channels is limited due to the need to change shape and flexibility, hose channels can be used in different spaces and are a very suitable alternative. In addition to the high flexibility of flexible materials, these channels minimize the amount of vibration in the work.

These channels can be used in two processes, blowing and suction, and they have different types with different characteristics, and each one is selected depending on the type of space and conditions. Also, in order to prevent energy wastage, no condensation, more productivity, improvement of thermal...environmental and acoustic characteristics, these channels are also supplied with insulation.